Appetizers & Desserts- By the Dozen

Appetizers & Desserts- By the Dozen

from 12.00

Miniature dessert $28

Boneless Chicken Wings $16

Boneless all-white chicken wings lightly breaded and flash fried.  Served with BBQ, Buffalo, Celery and Ranch Dressing.

Miniature Meatballs $12

Perfectly cooked 1 oz meatball, served with your choice of Swedish, BBQ, Asian or marinara sauce.  

Appetizers  Serves 15-20 people

Spinach Dip $45

Cheddar & Spinach, served with wavy tortilla chips

Savory Salmon Dip

Tender salmon meat in creamy cheese served cold with French Baguette & crackers

Hummus $45

Classic Hummus spread with pita bread & chips

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